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MaCDA Women Group

In October 2021, MaCDA’s Board of Directors (BODs) endorsed another approach to its engagement with women and named it ‘MaCDA’s Women Empowerment Program’ with the aim of empowering those who have the interest to sustain themselves financially. Apart from its emergency interventions, MaCDA’s approach now entails aspects of development targeting women. This approach will not only assist the women but will go a long way in addressing the issues of children which is another major concern of MaCDA. Some women are stranded because of lack of capital, access to business partnership and the networks needed to prosper in business. The small-scale businesses do not go far in uplifting them from poverty apart from putting food on the table. MaCDA sees this as an opportunity in order to participate in poverty reduction particularly amongst women and children. MaCDA approached some chiefs in Munuki Payam of Juba County to select such vulnerable women from their localities to work in partnership with MaCDA. 21 women were selected from Juba Na Bari, Muniki and Hai Seminary. MaCDA had a preliminary meeting with them and listened to their plea in regards to what they intent to do. In two subsequent meetings and trainings combined, the women came up with many different business ideas. They were trained on how saving groups work and this is what they do now. MaCDA is also working with women in the outskirts of Juba in a place called Ka’bu, Luri Payam of Juba County. These group of women are involved in small scale agricultural activities that only benefit their families but is not enough to sell for business purposes. The agricultural activities are on pieces of land that they hope to acquire from the relevant authorities. In a meeting with them, the group came up with different business activities which in their view will benefit them more than when they just cultivate.