MaCDA South Sudan | Project Details

General Food Distribution in outside locations

Funded By: WFP
Managed By: MaCDA

MaCDA is conducting General Food Distribution (GFD) in the following outside locations Kuda (4,887 Beneficaries), Sirimon (5119 Beneficiaries), Rokon (4,994 Beneficiaries), Loka Round (7,152 Beneficiaries), Lainya (9,548 Beneficiaries), Wunduruba (6684 Beneficiaries), and Katigiri (5,620 Beneficiaries)

Project Beneficiaries

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and Host Communities

Project Successes and achievements

- Reduced the hunger rate in outside locations
- Encourage the host communities to co-exist peacefully with IDPs
- Distribution of food to beneficiaries