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MaCDA Kapoeta TSFP Response

Funded By: WFP
Managed By: MaCDA South Sudan

Funded by WFP, MaCDA’s Kapoeta South Nutrition program is a TSFP designed to respond to heightened levels of Moderate Acute Malnutrition (MAM) in the county. Acute levels of malnutrition in Kapoeta South County remains serious with 1.6% of severe acute malnutrition and 9.4% of moderate acute malnutrition among children less than 59 months, and 22.9% MAM among PLWs with overall GAM rate of 9.8% (EESMOH Sept, 2015). As of early August, 2016, the nutrition situation had relatively remained the same with a GAM rate of 9.5% according to a smart survey data conducted by save the children international (SCI, 2016).
MaCDA’s KSC TSFP is programmed to achieve the following objective;

• To contribute to the reduction of mortality and morbidity associated with acute malnutrition to children under 5, pregnant women and lactating mothers in the areas that have high acute malnutrition rates

• Increase access and utilization of integrated community based nutrition services, treatment and prevention for children U 5 years and P & LW

Project Beneficiaries

People of Kapoeta, South Sudan

Project Successes and achievements

A total of 2,570 Children 6 – 59 months (1171 males and 1399 females) and 1498 PLW were screened in the month of September. Out of 2570 children 6-59months screened, 897 children 6 -59months (415 males and 482 females) were registered into TSFP program and out of 1498 PLWs screened, 807 (303 pregnant and 504 lactating women) were registered into TSFP. 92 SAM cases were discovered and referred for treatment in the OTP.

Out of 807 PLWs registered into TSFP, 699 PLWs were admitted and given the first round of treatment rations.

4.60 metric tonnes of CSB++ were distributed to PLWs as the first treatment rations in the month of September. The distribution was properly managed by MaCDA field staff (CNVs and NAs) in all the TSFP sites.