MaCDA South Sudan | Project Details

Nutrition (Quarter 1 2020)

Funded By: WFP /UNICEF/ W.H.O
Managed By: MaCDA

The nutrition project is made up of other sub projects which collectively contributes to good health and wellbeing of the targeted beneficiaries
The project focuses on treatment of SAM and MAM in PLWs while also preventing the occurrence and re occurrence in MSGs under the MIYCW component to promote healthy behavior change and attitude
The project also operates IFP for People living with HIV TB and Kalazar to promote drug adherence and good prognosis in clients with MAM and SAM

Project Beneficiaries

Children 6-59 months - Pregnant and Lactating Women - Pregnant and Lactating Women, adolescents ,

Project Successes and achievements

TSFP PLW cure rate: 79% DF rate 4%: NR rate: 17%: Death rate 0%

TSFP Children: cure rate 83%: DF rate 5% NR rate 13%: Death Rate 0%
OTP cure rate 83%: DF rate 12% NR rate 5%: Death Rate 0%
SC: cure rate 73%: DF rate 14% NR rate 0%: Death Rate 14%
MIYCN messages reached: 2726 PLWs 423 Men